Our Team

Joselyn Logan

Executive Director

Tutoring, mentoring, volunteering all three of these words describe Joselyn Logan’s childhood. Being the oldest sibling of three, Joselyn always found herself in the role of helping and nurturing others. Not only was she always willing to lend a hand as a child, she was intellectually inclined. Because of these two traits, Joselyn mentored students, tutored her peers, and was always quick to volunteer at church and at school.

Fast forward into the future, Joselyn, a wife and mother of 3 hasn’t let go of her passion to help others. She is a member of Kingdom City Church where she serves as a Youth Advisor. As a foster mom for the last 5 years, Joselyn discovered her true calling and gift. On her journey as a foster mom, Joselyn was given the opportunity to get an inside look at the foster care system of Georgia, and an up-close look at the many challenges foster care moms and dads face. This definitely pulled at Joselyn’s heart strings. She was then given a vision; and after much hard work and perseverance, Teen Empowerment Network was birthed.

Sharon Walker


Sharon Walker, a native of Pensacola, Fl has 20+ years of experience in the social services field. She has worked a s a Foster Parent Facilitator, Independent Living Skills Trainer, Life Coach and a host other. She holds a degree in Human Development from Christian Heritage College, a private college in California. Sharon’s dedication to serving others, cultivating relationships and building families is her passion.

Sharon lives with her husband of thirty-one years, their son and their dog.

Teneille Whitehead


Working in the customer service industry for years has made me sensitive to the needs of others. Participating in events like feeding the homeless, helping with clothing drives, and providing free food to low income residents has given me great joy. She is a member of Kingdom City Church where she serves as a Youth Advisor.  As one of the directors for Teen Empowering Network I want to help bring positive changes and hope for the foster parents and children in foster care. Teen Empowering Network is a brilliant asset to the community and those involved.

Sheila Henley


Some people search their whole lives trying to figure out their gift and true calling in life; not Sheila Henley. Sheila Henley, a wife, mother of 3, and grandmother of 6 has always found herself surrounded by children. As a young adult, Sheila often spent most of her free time being a youth leader at her church. She has always been very active in the spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth of the children she mentors and encounters on a regular basis.

Sheila Henley attends Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church where she has been a member for the last 20 years; serving in the capacities of Youth Leader, Sunday School teacher, Deaconess, and Finance Committee member. Currently, she is also a volunteer at the local Safe Harbor in Glynn County. Sheila is a selfless person who is very passionate about ensuring the success of all children, despite the challenges they may face. Sheila’s passion for children has made her a perfect addition to the Board here at Teen Empowerment Network.

Jeffrey Clark


Mr. Clark is the Senior Street Outreach Coordinator for Safe Harbor Children’s Center. Mr. Clark developments and directs the current program known as Street Beat which services children and youth who are homeless or at risk of being homeless in nine counties in the state of Georgia.  He is a community activist for Children and families. Jeff dedicated 13 years of developmental services to the Ryan White (HIV program); which established clinical sites, testing, transportation, affordable medication, Drug and Alcohol counselling and case management in the lower areas of Southeast Georgia.

He currently serves on several local Community Boards such as The Community First Commission which establishes healthy neighborhoods through leadership and community development, building a Better Brunswick, The Community First Community Development Cooperation board, Pound for Pound fitness for kids (Its Goal is to focuses on childhood obesity), and The Glynn Environmental Justice group.  Mr. Clark also managers The Community Task Force Committee a united partnership with Law enforcement, its focus is to build and develop respectful and engaging relationships between law enforcement and the community.