Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have answered the most common questions, in our prospective, volunteers and donors may have. Please contact us if your questions remain unanswered.

What is our Mission?

To provide personal items to foster children transitioning in and out of the Foster Care System.

What is our Purpose?

To help foster children know that just because they have been displaced, they have not been forgotten.

What is our Vision?

To obtain goods and or services that may assist foster children and parents.  In addition, be a 24/7 resource for those children in the Foster Care System.

What are our Core Principles?

    1. Building a Christian Foundation
    2. Promoting Good Citizenship
    3. Striving for Excellence
    4. Education
    5. Building Self Esteem
    6. Improving Communication Skills
    7. Wealth Creation
    8. Building a Team Player
    9. Discovering the Leader Within You
    10. Goal Setting

What is our mailing address for donations?

218 Brunswick Commons Court

Brunswick, GA 31520

What items do we need?

      1. Luggage
      2. Clothes
      3. Toys
      4. Walkers
      5. Cribs
      6. Shoes
      7. Ties
      8. Belts
      9. Hygiene Items
      10. Cleaning Products
      11. Baby Wipes
      12. Strollers
      13. School Supplies
      14. Backpacks
      15. Socks

Do we accept volunteers?

Please contact us for more information.